ECO 150-10 Biodegradable Wadding – 1550mmx20m

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ECO 150-10 Biodegradable Wadding – 1550mmx20m

Light voluminous sew-in wadding with a soft handle and high migration resistance manufactured using 100% rapidly biodegradable cellulose fibre.

  • Made from 100% Lyocell – Biodegradable in the ground after approximately 60 days.
  • Bacteria and odour-inhibiting.
  • Comfortable to wear thanks to excellent moisture management.
  • Resistant to fibre migration through antistatic characteristics and special surface finish.
  • Equipped to be water repellent
  • For Patchwork & Quilting.
  • Also suitable for garments eg sportswear, coats.
Reference: ECO-150
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Brand: Vilene / Vlieseline

ECO 150-10 Biodegradable Wadding

  • First 100% biodegradable wadding with high insulation performance while completely preventing any micro plastic contamination in the environment
  • Soft handle due to characteristic of the fibre
  • Thermal insulation performance comparable to polyester waddings
  • Excellent wearing comfort in garment application – up to 45% of moisture absorption during physical activity
  • Compostable after 30 days and completely biodegradable in natural conditions and soil within 57 days
  • No impact on the environment after biodegrading
  • Water repellent finish
  • High resistance against fibre migration due to antistatic fibre properties and spray binder bonding technology
  • Natural bacteriostatic properties
  • Base material gained from renewable resources (Eucalyptus trees) and require far less water than any other fibre out of natural polymers. Water used in the manufacturing process is 100% recycled
  • Chemicals used in the production process are almost completely recycled (99%) and are not present in the fibres