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About Jomil

Family is the very heart of our business. We’re a family owned firm with traditional values that run through every layer to our very core, but the way we see it, our family extends so much further than the front door of our warehouse.

Family is the very heart of our business

It is the people we speak today in day out, the retailers, the manufacturers, and our staff who sit at the heart of our operation and who have helped us to develop into the stable, experienced business we are today.

After almost 40 years, Jomil, the product of Josephine & Michael (often still found cutting felt or cooking for staff) is still standing firm with its roots steadfast in Felt, Haberdashery & Trims. Jomil has the same staff team it had 12 years ago, a testament to our strong family values.

At Jomil, we search the country and beyond for the best products at the right price, and continue to innovate and create our own successful brands. We have stood firm with our selection of quality products with a large proportion of our stock sourced from UK firms. This means that we can bring you sustainable lines that your customers can reorder time and time again.

As with all families, progress, strength and stability come when all members benefit. Our job is to help your business thrive with a mutually beneficial relationship that lasts.