FELTSWF-9×12 100% Wool Felt 9″ x 12″-assorted packet

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100% Wool Felt 9″ x 12″. Sold in 9″(22cm) x 12″(30cm) rectangle sheets. 6 in a assorted pack.

It weighs 400 grams per metre – 1.2mm thickness

Autumnal Breeze – 1 of each GL135/WF55/WF81/WF69/WF45/WF90  –

Bright Summer-1 of each WF9/WF32/WF29/WF16/WF2/WF73

Celestial Blue-1 of each GL130/G38/WF32/WF87/WF60/WF84

Crimson Tide-1 of each GL136/WF83/WF10/WF7/WF5/WF86

Neutral Charm-1 of each WF103/WF91/WF92/WF64/WF65/WF67

Safari Delight-1 of each GL129/WF42/WF91/WF62/WF61/WF82

Woodland Green-1 of each G13/WF30/WF14/WF13/WF26/WF27

Reference: FELTSWF9x12-asstd
Autumnal Breeze
Bright Summer
Celestial Blue
Crimson Tide
Neutral Charm
Safari Delight
Woodland Green