276 Volume Fleece Cotton 2440mm x 27mtrs

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276 NATURAL COTTON WHITE  Vilene / Vlieseline

A lightweight, soft, sew-in wadding made from bleached cotton with scrim, allowing an excellent combination of a soft hand feel and a lightweight construction while still providing significant stability and support. Especially developed for quilts and light coloured fabrics but is also very well suitable for lightweight but warm jackets and coats.


Application areas

Patchwork and quilting as well as warm garments such as jackets and coats especially with light coloured outer fabrics. Suitable for all, especially light coloured fabrics.


Sew in by hand or using a sewing machine.
1. To create a durable and high-quality product, spacing between quilting seams should not exceed 10 cm.2. 276 is a natural product and therefore requires a certain degree of care when cleaning. A pre-wash is to be recommended to avoid later shrinkage. Please do not wring out, simply squeeze lightly and lay out flat to dry.

Quilt spacing

10 cm


• Soft texture
• Low weight
• Good stabilisation function
Reference: 276


Brand: Vilene / Vlieseline