P140-10 Batting 1500mm x 20mtrs

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P140-10 Batting 1500 L20. 150cm x 20m


Application areas

140 Gram Wadding For patchwork and quilting, duvets, baby rugs, upholstery as well as warm and functional clothing such as jackets, coats or protective clothing. Suitable for all fabrics.


1. Simply lay underneath and sew together; quilt with a spacing of max. 15 cm. Quilting spacing: 15 cm.

2. Sew in by hand or using a sewing machine.

Quilt spacing

15 cm


• Flame retardant finish

• Lightweight, soft PES batting

• Versatile applications

• No fibre migration

• Retains its shape even after washing
Reference: P140-10


Brand: Vilene / Vlieseline