Framilastic Tape – 5m x 25pcs

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Framilastic Tape – 5m x 25pcs


Application areas

For the securing of elastic seams, e.g. shoulder seams of ladies’ wear, lingerie, swimwear and sportswear and also for creative accents such as gathers, ripples and ruffles.


1. Cut the Framilastic shorter than the section to be sewn – depending on how much of a gather you wish to create.

2. At the start of your gather, sew on approx. 1 cm of tape smoothly (with a zigzag stitch, and please don’t forget to fix the underlap). Then stretch the tape the desired length and sew it on while under tension. At the end, you must again fix the underlap.

3. When working with Framalistic, the transparent tape should always be sewn in the centre. This ensures it is even and sits evenly.

Important: When washing, do not use softener.


• High tear resistance

• Resistant to chlorine

• Friendly on the skin

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Brand: Vilene / Vlieseline

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