T40 Perfect Hem Tape 3m x 25pcs

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Perfect Hem Tape 3m x 25pcs


Application areas

For soft, invisible hems on blouses, dresses, skirts, jackets and coats, i.e. hems no longer need to be stitched. Suitable for all fabrics.


1. Finish the hem edge, iron in a hem (at least 4 cm), open the hem back up and insert Perfect Hem. The thin side should be facing up, the visible blind stitch facing the hem and the invisible side facing outwards.

2. With a damp cloth, iron on for around 10 seconds, section by section. You can remove a potential hem imprint by ironing underneath the upper hem edge with the tip of the iron.


• Perfect, invisible hems

• Easy to work with

• Also perfect for stretchy fabrics

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Brand: Vilene / Vlieseline

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